Happy Holidays: Target Reportedly Investigating Credit/Debit Card Breach

Because it’s not the holidays without family, friends, gifts, reindeer, and news of a massive breach of credit and debit card records, the folks at Target are reportedly looking into the possibility that its customers’ information may have been compromised during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs cites multiple sources at large credit card issuers who tell him that the retailer is investigating a potential data breach that appears to have begun on Black Friday, and which would impact nearly all of the store’s locations in the U.S.

Krebs’ sources say the alleged breach only lasted for about a week, but it’s recently been discovered that it may have continued until around Dec. 15. The total number of accounts affected by the hack is not known, but millions of people all over the country flooded Target stores during these weeks in preparation for the Christmas holiday.

He reports that the “track data” allegedly stolen from customers’ accounts allows the data thieves to create counterfeit cards by encoding that information onto any blank card with a magnetic strip. Debit cards would also be at risk if the hackers have access to PIN information for cardholders. Duplicated debit cards could be used to siphon cash directly from accounts via ATM.

It’s not yet known if the breach extends to Target.com customers.

“The breach window is definitely expanding,” one anti-fraud analyst at a bank card issuer tells Krebs. “We can’t say for sure that all stores were impacted, but we do see customers all over the U.S. that were victimized.”

Another analyst says that if the breach is as bad as it appears, it could be “up there with some of the largest retail breaches to date.”

As of hitting “Publish” on this post, Target has not responded to requests for comment.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

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Houston Hotel Ruins Perfectly Good Half-Ton Chocolate Santa Claus By Making Him Inedible

These tiny Santas will never grow up to be half-ton Santas, but you can eat them. (Wayne Gunn)

These tiny Santas will never grow up to be half-ton Santas, but you can eat them. (Wayne Gunn)

You know the only thing wrong with a half-ton chocolate Santa Claus? No, not the 2.5 million calories he’s made of — calories don’t matter during the holidays or whenever a half-ton chocolate figurine is at stake. It’s the fact that the Houston hotel that has him on display has made it so no one can eat Santa. No one.

It’s a darn shame to remark on the existence of such a hefty bit of chocolate knowing the Santa will live out his days un-ingested, but I guess it’s kind of neat that someone made him in the first place.

The half-ton chocolate St. Nick greets guests in the lobby of the Hilton Americas in Houston, and will be at his post until Dec. 30, reports the Houston Chronicle. The Geppetto responsible for Santa is a pastry chef from the hotel’s own kitchen, who also created a chocolate scene with elves and presents.

He used 1,000 pounds of dark chocolate and chocolate dough, according to a hotel spokeswoman, while other helpers made gingerbread bricks for the scene’s fireplace and chimney. And then, after 400 hours of work spread over months… he painted it over with inedible lacquer. SIGH.

That’s because Santa must rise again next Christmas, after spending the off-season in cold storage at the hotel.

“We are going to add on to each it year,” says the spokeswoman. “Next year it will be even larger.”

Larger, and still inedible. What is this world we live in?

Houston hotel displays 2.5 million-calorie chocolate Santa sculpture [Houston Chronicle]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

No One From McDonald’s France Has Apparently Ever Visited The U.S.

Why is it that McDonald’s — arguably the company whose brand is most closely identified with numerous negative stereotypes about America — simply can not get those stereotypes correct when it runs ads overseas? Earlier this year, there were the McDonald’s UK spots that reduced the U.S. to poodle-carrying socialites and no-necked weightlifters, but those are laser-point accurate compared to the “Americans” being featured in bizarre McD’s ads coming out of France.

The whole running gag (pun intended) of the spots is that the “Grand Bagel Cheese” (not exactly something you’ll find at a kosher deli in NYC) and the “Double Shiny Bacon” (which sounds like a sex act whose meaning I don’t want to look up on Urban Dictionary) are so dang tasty that Americans will want to steal it from customers’ hands.

In the above ad, a red-white-and-blue clad hockey skates in (to what appears to be a library?) to steal this hideous-looking monstrosity from a man on a cart. I like hockey as much as the next guy, but it’s certainly not a sport I associate with being American, unlike the three major team sports that were all invented in North America. The saying is “American as baseball and apple pie,” not “hockey.”

The following ad features innocent French McDonald’s customers who are approached by what are either hungry extras from should-be-forgotten ’70s and ’80s cop show CHiPs, or members of GOB Bluth’s Hot Cops squad:

Decades after Pamela Anderson first jiggled down the beach, Baywatch is still inexplicably brought up as an actual pop culture reference for America, as the final act in this triple-play of idiocy involves a buxom blonde rising from the water to beg a man for his Double Shiny Bacon:

“Perhaps the ads are a fitting tribute to the sandwiches they promote: Both are nonsensical amalgams of invented, or misunderstood, tidbits of American culture,” writes Slate’s L.V. Anderson of the spots.

Of course, American advertisers are just as guilty of playing up ridiculous Euro stereotypes, like the Gevalia “Cup of Johan” guy, or the Fiat ads that try to cash in on the notion of the sexy Italian seductress.

But a hockey player skating through a library to bully a bagel burger out of a guy on a motorized cart? That’s just someone taking the Mad Libs approach to scriptwriting.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

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Baby Not Old Enough For The iPad Potty? Not A Problem

lounging_babyIf your child isn’t old enough for the iPad potty chair and you simply can’t wait to prop her up in front of a $500 screen, there’s always another option: the Apptivity seat from Fisher-Price. It’s an iPad chair for kids from birth until toddlerhood. It’s an improvement over the potty-seat version in that it is not explicitly designed as a toilet. This is a real thing and it’s on Amazon. (via The Worst Things For Sale)


by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

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Whole Foods Reportedly Ditching Chobani Over GMO Concerns

Some advocacy groups have expressed concern that the milk used in Chobani comes from cows who eat feed with genetically modified ingredients.

Some advocacy groups have expressed concern that the milk used in Chobani comes from cows who eat feed with genetically modified ingredients.

If Chobani’s recall woes weren’t enough, the maker of the Greek-style yogurt may also be losing an important retail partner with Whole Foods reportedly planning to stop shelving the stuff in the coming year over concerns about genetically modified content.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while Chobani contends that its yogurt contains only natural ingredients, some claim the company gets its milk from cows who chow down on feed containing genetically modified items.

However, the Journal’s sources say that Whole Foods will continue to carry Fage brand yogurt, even though that may have the same GMO concerns as Chobani. But the long-term strategy, explain the insiders, is to replace these popular brands that are now available at most major supermarket chains with more niche products that are truly organic and contain no GMO content.

For those small companies, it would be a coup to land a shelf spot at the nation’s largest high-end grocery chain, while it would be a kick in the pants (if not the wallet) to Chobani and other larger brands.

A rep for Chobani tells the Journal the company hopes to keep its partnership going with Whole Foods.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

Doctors Plead: Quit Wasting Your Money On Vitamin Supplements Already

Every year, Americans spend $28 billion on potions that we imbue with magical powers. We mean, of course, vitamin pills and supplements. We take them by the handful even though study after study has showed us that for people who have a deficiency, vitamin pills don’t do very much good, and may harm our health in the long run. Yes, harm.

The internists over at the American College of Physicians (Actual motto: “Doctors For Adults”) apparently decided that they’ve had enough of the public’s attachment to our magic pills, and they want us to cut it out already. The title of their editorial this month in the society’s prominent journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, is not subtle. “Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements,” they write.

In the editorial, they cite previous research as well as three studies published in that very issue of the journal. At best, research on long-term vitamin taking in the real world shows no benefit. People who have suffered heart attacks have more heart attacks and/or eventually die. Elderly men who are randomly assigned to take vitamins don’t show greater brain function than elderly men who are not. Finally, one study showed that people who took big doses of Vitamin A were more likely to get lung cancer. Oops.

Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements [Annals of Internal Medicine]

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Walmart Not Responsible For Morons Who Say Racist Things Over Store Intercom

You probably the 16-year-old idiot from New Jersey who in 2010 commandeered the public address system at his local Walmart to announce, “Attention Walmart customers: All black people must leave the store.” The teen’s subsequent arrest was not the end of the story, as at least one shopper has tried to sue Walmart for damages related to the incident. But a federal judge has ruled that Walmart should not be held responsible for the actions of the teen.

“The court has completely and finally dismissed the suit without finding any wrongdoing by Walmart,” a Walmart rep tells the Courier-Post about the lawsuit, which describes the incident as an “imminent terrorist threat” that resulted in “substantial sickness” for the plaintiff.

“We’re pleased that we can move forward,” said Hargrove, who noted Walmart had upgraded its intercom systems in an effort to prevent future offenses.

Citing a New Jersey court ruling that declined to hold a defendant liable for “allegedly discriminatory comments made by an unknown person that was neither an agent nor an employee,” the judge held that Walmart could not be held “vicariously liable for the offensive speech of one of its customers.”

The plaintiff’s attorney contends that because this thick-headed teen had done something similar at the same store a few months earlier, Walmart should have done something to prevent the second incident from occurring.

But the judge explained that “One or two isolated, random events, no matter how egregious, are not enough to put a defendant on notice of the potential risk of harm.”

Walmart says it has improved its intercom systems in the hopes of preventing a similar incident in the future.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

Chipotle Bets On Pizza, But It Won’t Be Putting Pepperoni In Your Burrito Bowl

pizzerialocale Everybody likes pizza. It says so in the Constitution (at least the one I wrote for a class project when I was 9). Chipotle is banking on this widespread adoration for things pizza-like, but not by adding a line of bean/meat/cheese-covered pies to its menu. Instead, the company has decided to back an upstart, upscale pizza chain in Colorado.

Pizzeria Locale (you know it’s upscale when they slap that “e” on “local”) opened in Boulder, CO, back in 2011, as a full-service restaurant. In contrast, the partnership between Chipotle and Pizzeria Locale takes the burrito chain’s fast-casual approach to pizza, with customers able to customize their 10″ pizzas from the list of ingredients via an “interactive service line.”

The company claims it will only take two minutes for the pizzas to bake in the Locale fancy ovens, but the most interesting feature to us is the statement that, “Red or white Italian wine is available on tap.”

The first fast-casual Locale opened in Denver last spring, and Chipotle announced today that it will be looking to open a second and third location in the Mile High City, though it has not yet picked specific spots for these future eateries.

“[Pizzeria Locale founders Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson] are extraordinary restaurateurs who truly understand what it takes to provide an exceptional dining experience,” said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle. “I have known them for years and I thought their pizzeria in Boulder presented the perfect opportunity to collaborate. Opening Pizzeria Locale using a model similar to Chipotle allows us to make extraordinary pizza, made with high-quality ingredients accessible to everyone.”

This is Chipotle’s second venture outside the burrito zone. It currently operates a half-dozen ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen restaurants in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, and plans to expand into other markets.

“While both Pizzeria Locale and ShopHouse are exciting concepts, it’s important to remember that our growth will continue to be driven for the foreseeable future by expanding the Chipotle brand within the U.S.,” said Steve Ells.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

Can We Cut Down On Litter By Taking Photos Of It Before We Toss It Out?

While it might be funny to look back at America’s past and how much we used to litter, a la Ron Burgundy in Anchorman chucking a burrito out his car window*, it’s not like we’ve totally stopped trashing the great outdoors. One effort to allay the effects of littering thinks we can bring attention to the garbage in our lives by taking photos of it and posting that online. Before throwing the litter away, of course.

Working off the idea known as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon and the frequency illusion, wherein a person sees something, then notices it more often the next time they come across it, the founder of Litterati thinks the same thing could work with litter, reports KQED.org.

So for example: You see a crumpled chip bag on the street, take a photo of it, and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #litterati. The litter goes in the garbage. You’ll then start seeing litter everywhere — and your social network pals might too, because of your post, and be inspired to clean things up as well.

It’s a shift in perception, the founder says, and it happened to him while walking with his kids in the woods one day.

“My daughter noticed a plastic tub of kitty litter in a creek. ‘Daaaaddy, that doesn’t go there.’ That was an eye-opening moment for me,” he said. “We have become desensitized to trash. Litter is so ubiquitous that for most of us it just fades into the background.”

He started to think about how he could use technology to decrease littering and came up with the Litterati idea, as a way to see and take responsibility for our messes.

“I was reminded of being a kid at summer camp,” he said. “Our director would instruct us to each pick up five pieces of trash. Suddenly you had 200 kids each picking up five pieces, and within a few minutes we had a much cleaner camp. So my idea was to apply that same crowdsource-cleaning behavior to the entire planet. That was the inspiration for Litterati.”

So far, users around the world have snapped pics (and hopefully threw out or recycled) more than 27,000 pieces of trash.

“Our goal is to create a “litter-free world,” the founder explains, “but I’m well aware that picking up litter doesn’t solve our trash problem. It does serve to shift consciousness, though, and we can use that newfound consciousness to inspire action from our neighbors, our communities, our governments, and the corporations we buy from, too.”

*And also, don’t throw burritos out the window:

#Digital Landfill [KQED.org]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Mercedes Thinks Their Cars Are Exactly Like Chickens: Jaguar Agrees

chickendanceIt began with a cute, slightly baffling ad from Mercedes-Benz that compared the company’s vehicles to a chicken. Not because they are covered with feathers or because they are delicious, but because chickens are apparently really, really into not moving their heads, and they want us to associate this feature with their cars’ stability control.

Or “Magic body control.” Something like that. All we know is that it resulted in this cool but weird commercial.

Of course, once you’re airing ads with German engineers and dancing chickens, someone is going to realize that this is ripe for parody. In this case, that “someone” was Jaguar.

(Thanks, Dirk!)

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Urban Outfitters Shocks Absolutely No One By Selling, Then Pulling Socks Featuring Hindu Deity

Sigh. Just SIGH, Urban Outfitters.

Sigh. Just SIGH, Urban Outfitters.

Oh, Urban Outfitters, must we count the ways in which you’ve bumbled into offending large groups of people through your products? There was the army vest, prescription pill bottles as shot glasses, the shirt that made people think of the Holocaust and many others. We only trot out these examples as we wonder who let Urban Outfitters muck things up yet again by selling “Ganesh” socks featuring the Hindu deity of the same name.

It’s not just that the company slapped a figure sacred to a religious group on a pair of cheaply priced socks, points out Jezebel: The human foot is considered the lowest and most impure part of the body in the Hindu culture. So putting a deity between your impure foot and your shoe is just… well it’s not cool with many in the Hindu community.

UO found itself firmly in the crosshairs of that culture when Rajan Zed, the president of the Universal Hindu Society, wrote on his website to decry the socks, saying: “Lord Ganesh was highly revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to be wrapped around one’s foot. Inappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts for commercial or other agenda was not okay, as it hurt the devotees.”

Since the furor, Urban has pulled the socks and done its usual “Oops, sorry, we didn’t mean to offend anyone dance,” telling Zed in a statement:

“We sincerely apologize if we offended the Hindu community and our customers. We appreciate Rajan Zed and the Universal Society of Hinduism for bringing this matter to our attention and for helping us understand the cultural and religious sensitivities this product carries. We will remove the Ganesh Socks immediately from our website and stores.”

Again — this shocks no one that it happened, but yet this kind of stuff keeps happening. It’s enough to make one wonder if Urban Outfitters has a “go with it and only pull if someone complains” policy in place.

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

30 Tissues Disappear From Redesigned Kleenex Box At Costco

As we all know, Costco is the place to get the hottest deals on huge quantities of consumer goods. For example, you can buy a box of Kleenex tissues that contains 260 pieces. Which isn’t a very big quantity, come to think of it…but now it’s shrinking.


Reports reader Elizabeth: the smaller box has “a new design, and a claim that the tissues are thicker.” Her verdict? “Not so much, they feel the same.” Maybe the extra thickness and sneeze-shielding ability is beyond our mere human powers of perception.

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Citrus Fruits: You Are Zesting Them Wrong

Be gentle.

Be gentle.

Drop that lemon or lime or other citrus fruit! When you treat it like cheese to be grated, you’re abusing it, making it bitter and not as prime of an ingredient for your holiday recipes. When it calls for a little grated lemon peel or a bit of orange zest, that’s not the time to go crazy with grater. Subtlety, friends. Subtlety.

See, there is such a thing as over-zesting or over-grating, explains Slate’s food and drinks editor. And if you do it wrong, you’ll get bitterness where you want a bit of zip.

It’s not peeling an orange for a garnish and it isn’t sanding a block of wood, she explains in the how-to video below. If you want a hint of nice citrus flavor, you’ve got to have a delicate touch.

The first thing you need? A microplane grater. The rest, well, you just need to learn how to treat that fruit right:

How to Zest an Orange. Or a Lemon. Or a Lime. [Slate]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

December Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Lurking Dairy And Sulfites

squash_gratinSulfites and hidden milk are everywhere, but not as common as actual erectile dysfunction drugs and their analogues in “natural” supplements. Welcome to the December Recall Roundup for edible items.

Our monthly Recall Roundups have grown so expansive that we’ve had to separate them into two separate roundups: one for consumer goods, and one for consumables.

If you have any of these listed items in your pantry, first check the varieties and flavors against the ones listed on the recall site or press release, then check expiration date or lot numbers.

If there’s a match, don’t panic! If an item is listed as having undeclared walnuts and you’re not allergic to walnuts, for example, you don’t have to do anything at all. You can keep the item, eat it, not eat it, or return it to the store or the manufacturer for your own peace of mind.

Items that may be contaminated with bacteria or foreign objects are worrisome for everyone, and you should return them to the retail store where you bought them, or contact the company for a refund and further instructions.



Bee International Sweet Spots – undeclared egg

Golden Lion Brand Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Mill (Dried Dates) – undeclared sulfites

Pin Hsiao & Associates Gluten Free Blueberry Mini Muffins – undeclared walnuts

Farmer Brand Dried Lily Flowers – undeclared sulfites


Del Campo Papa Seca (Dry Potato) – undeclared sulfites


Wegmans New England Clam Chowder – undeclared crab

Trader Joe’s Dried Seaweed Salad with Spicy Dressing – undeclared peanuts

Organic Traditions Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts and Dark Chocolate Almonds – may contain undeclared milk


Fosforel and Atlantika herring filets in oil – possible Listeria contamination


Rhino 5 Plus, Maxtremezen and Extenzone – contain unapproved new drugs

RezzRX – undeclared prescription drugs

P-Boost, NatuRECT – undeclared prescription drugs

OxyELITE Pro Dietary Supplements – may cause liver damage

Hydravax – undeclared prescription drugs

EnhanceRx - undeclared milk products

Zanocap – undeclared milk products

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

It Turns Out A Live Alligator Is Not Legal Tender You Can Use To Buy Beer

It’s been a while since I’ve been down to Florida so correct me if I’m wrong, but the saying there doesn’t go “Florida: Where the streets are paved with alligators!” Right? But then why would a man think he could trade a live, four-foot long alligator for a pack of beer at a convenience store? Oh, right. People will try anything once.

NBC Miami (link has autoplay video) has the security footage from the store where the man appears to walk in with the gator cradled in his arms.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, he had allegedly found the gator at a nearby park before trapping it so he could bring it to the store. When he tried to make the trade with the clerk — six-pack for gator, eh? Eh? Tempted? — the worker instead called the cops.

“This is absolutely bizarre. I can’t imagine somebody wanting to barter a live, 4-foot alligator for a 12-pack of beer. It makes no sense to me,” a spokesman for the commission said.

Police officers arrived on the scene and confiscated the gator, citing the man for taking possession of and trying to sell the alligator. But at least the little guy didn’t seem to have suffered from his brief foray as currency.

“It was pretty much in good shape, we didn’t notice any unusual conditions on it,” the wildlife commission spokesman said, adding, “I have never experienced anything like this in 25 years in law enforcement.”

Man Tried to Trade Live Alligator for Beer at Miami Store: FWC [NBC Miami]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist