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Las Redes Sociales en España #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

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Cosas que no debes hacer en Twitter #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

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Gamificando la segunda pantalla #infografia #infographic #marketing

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Qué es la Ansiedad Social #infografia #infographic #psichology

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Errores de percepción muy comunes #infografia #infographic #psychology

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Cómo conectar con tus clientes #infografia #infographic #marketing

Hola: Una infografía sobre cómo conectar con tus clientes. Un saludo Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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Internet en 2015: la llegada del Zettabyte #infografia #infographic #internet

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Las impresionantes cifras de Internet #infografia #infographic #internet

Hola: Una infografía sobre las impresionantes cifras de Internet. Vía Un saludo

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Errores frecuentes en Linkbuilding #infografia #infographic #seo

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10 estrategias cruciales para una buena web de empresa #infografia #infographic #marketing

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Close To 20,000 Workers Join Lawsuit Claiming Darden Restaurants Underpaid Employees

There’s a storm a’brewin’ and it’s made of almost 20,000 former and current Darden Restaurants employees who have joined a federal lawsuit against the company. The suit alleges that Darden underpaid workers at 2,000 restaurants in all 50 states.

While that might sound like a hefty number of people, those who’ve opted into the lawsuit are only a slice of the 215,000 people notified that they could become plaintiffs, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Darden seems to be focusing on that in responding to this development, with a spokesman saying that the number is “well below average for these types of collective actions.” But the attorney for the plaintiffs says it’s usually between about 5% and 15% of potential plaintiffs who decided to join these kinds of suits.

This all started back in 2012 when two former employees of LongHorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden filed suit in Miami, claiming that employees had to work extra hours and that the company required servers to perform too much non-tipped work. That could be anything from rolling napkins to light cleaning.

Darden is seeking decertification, which would dismiss all those employees asked to join the suit if it’s granted. The company said in a quarterly report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week that “we believe that our wage and hour policies comply with the law.”

Almost 20,000 join Darden Restaurants lawsuit [Orlando Sentinel]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

10 maneras de reciclar tu contenido #infografia #infographic #marketing

Hola: Una infografía con 10 maneras de reciclar tu contenido. Vía Un saludo

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Malpractice Suits Denied For Lack of Damages, Not Merit

Infections, additional surgeries, a long recovery or preventable death are what make up a number of potential malpractice suits. But what if, after years of suffering because of a doctor’s mistakes, you were told your case isn’t worth the time?

A recent article by ProPublica, part of an on-going investigation of health care safety, highlights the growing struggle to find a lawyer to take on malpractice suits, even though with so-called “merit.”

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer some type of preventable injury or die while undergoing medical care, ProPublica reports. Yet, those patients and families hoping to recover losses with a lawsuit are turning up empty-handed.

That’s because more and more lawyers are turning down malpractice suits.

The publication cites a 2013 Emory University School of Law study that found 95% of patients who seek an attorney for harm suffered during a medical treatment will be shut out, mostly for economic reasons. The same study found that nearly half the 450 attorneys surveyed refused any case if damages were less than $250,000.

The damages of a lawsuit are generally determined by lost earnings, medical bills and future costs caused by the injury.

Many patients and families shared their stories of failed attempts to bring about lawsuits with the publication.

One woman talks in detail about the botched cancer surgery she underwent, leaving her unable to continue working as a registered nurse and on disability.

Other readers told of how they were unable to recover losses after elderly parent died from what they believe was negligence by doctors and hospitals.

Ten Patient Stories: When Attorneys Refused My Medical Malpractice Case [ProPublica]

by Ashlee Kieler via Consumerist

Comercio electrónico y dispositivos móviles #infografia #infographic #ecommerce

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Algunos bulos extendidos sobre eficiencia energética #infografia #infographic #medioambiente

Hola: Una infografía con algunos bulos extendidos sobre eficiencia energética. Vía Un saludo

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Estadísticas Social Media 2014 #socialmedia

Hola: Una presentación sobre Estadísticas Social Media 2014. Un saludo

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8 consejos para cuidar tus ojos #infografia #infographic #health

Hola: Una infografía con 8 consejos para cuidar tus ojos. Vía Un saludo

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McDonald’s Sued Over Hot Coffee. Yes, Again

Times used to be, someone would bring up a lawsuit over hot McDonald’s coffee and we’d all sagely nod our heads and intone, “Ah yes, That One Famous Case 20 Years Ago.” But lately it seems what old is new again, as another Mickey D’s customer is suing the chain saying she was burned by hot coffee at an L.A. location.

It’s not like this is the very first time hot coffee since that first big case — there was this lawsuit from 2010, a case involving a toddler in 2012 and in somewhat related liquids, this hot chocolate suit.

The newest case also happened in 2012, when the plaintiff said she was injured two years ago after ordering coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru, reports the Los Angeles Times. She’s blaming the lid’s fit, or lack thereof, and is seeking unspecified monetary damages.

“The lid for the hot coffee was negligently, carelessly and improperly placed on the coffee cup … resulting in the lid coming off the top of the coffee at the window, causing the hot coffee to spill onto the plaintiff,” the lawsuit says.

We imagine any conversations regarding hot liquids go a little something like this:

L.A. woman sues McDonald’s over hot coffee, 20 years after huge verdict [Los Angeles Times]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Bag Of Frozen Spinach Comes With Free Bird Head

Poultry and spinach go well together, but that doesn’t mean that a Florida woman was happy to see that her frozen spinach came with some free meat. Mostly because it came in the form of the tiny skull (eyes included…well, one eye) of an unidentified bird.

It’s impossible to deny that most of our food is grown outside, where all sorts of animals live, die, and poop. The customer is a little grossed out, but doesn’t want money or a replacement: she wants to know that Publix cares about the problem. She also wants to know where the rest of the bird ended up, if it’s possible to get that information. That’s fair.

Where is the rest of the bird, though? Is it in another bag of spinach? Was it so finely chopped that it was undetectable among the spinach? That’s the mystery. One of the eyes from the bird’s head is also missing: did that fall out and get consumed with the spinach, or was it never in the bag to begin with?




One little animal, the head of which is barely the size of a quarter, and it raises so many questions.

Publix offered a refund, but a package of spinach costs less than two bucks. In a statement, the company said that no one else has complained of bird parts in their vegetables. So that’s good. They told TV station Fox 13:

We did receive communication from the customer through our customer care department, which was shared with our corporate quality assurance team. They are working through the details with the customer and the supplier. We have not received any additional complaints and believe this is an isolated incident.

In other words, they don’t know where the rest of the bird is, either.

This afternoon, the customer posted on Facebook that a Publix representative came to visit her, delivering frozen vegetables, a fruit basket, a gift card, and the news that bags of spinach will be pulled from shelves.

Sarasota woman finds bird skull in Publix spinach [Fox 13]

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Snapchat Finally Uses The Word “Sorry,” Releases Updated App In Wake Of Hack

Come again? Is that an apology?

Come again? Is that an apology?

We’re not sure if that fact that Snapchat used the word “sorry” in a post today means that perhaps “going backwards” by apologizing isn’t quite the death sentence the company’s CEO said it was, or if it just means, sorry. The company posted the word within a blog post announcing an updated version of the app, one week after it acknowledged a hack had happened.

That hack not only revealed users’ user names and phone numbers, but the group behind it posted all 4.3 million censored sets online on New Year’s Eve and offered full access to the numbers for anyone who asked.

A few days after the leak, Snapchat promised it had new security measures in place and would be releasing an updated version of the app.

Today’s blog post mostly focuses on the new version, which allows users to opt-out of the Find Friends function that links your phone number to a username. Which makes it pretty tough for your friends to find you without asking your username, but heck, if it protects your info from strangers, it’s probably worth it.

Here’s the full statement. If you blink you’ll miss the “sorry”:

This morning we released a Snapchat update for Android and iOS that improves Find Friends functionality and allows Snapchatters to opt-out of linking their phone number with their username. This option is available in Settings > Mobile #.

This update also requires new Snapchatters to verify their phone number before using the Find Friends service.

Our team continues to make improvements to the Snapchat service to prevent future attempts to abuse our API. We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support.

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Chuck E. Cheese Brawl Involved Food, Furniture, Pepper Spray

It seemed like any other night at a Florida Chuck E. Cheese: Pizza, games, fun, games, robo-animals. Then a brawl broke out between two partying families over–what else?–prize tickets. According to one woman on the scene, the fight escalated to include as many as thirty adults and a can of pepper spray.

The fight began between two children. Their families intervened, but not to do anything ridiculous like “break up the argument” or “set a good example.” No, the brawl between families escalated.

“Food was flying, and drinks,” one participant told TV station WBBH. “Then [an adult] took the metal thing off the table and threw it.” When one person involved in the brawl used pepper spray, deploying the substance in such close quarters affected everyone nearby.

Most of the participants had already fled by the time police arrived, and management threw anyone else involved out.

“We are deeply saddened that individuals would choose to behave in this manner in front of children and families,” Chuck E. Cheese said in a statement about the incident. “We take altercations in our stores very seriously and have spent more than $15 million to date on measures to help ensure the safety of our guests.”

If you’re thinking that you’ve heard this story before, maybe you’re thinking about the 30-person brawl over prize tickets in Chicago back in October, or maybe you’re remembering a brawl over ticket exchanges at a Wisconsin Chuck E. Cheese back in July that also involved pepper spray.

Family brawl disrupts fun at Fort Myers Chuck E. Cheese’s [WBBI]

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Target’s Stupid Shipping Gang Subjects Tweezers To Extreme Solitude In Mostly Empty Box

Mean ol' Stupid Shipping Gang.

Mean ol’ Stupid Shipping Gang.

It’s a cruel, cold world out there. If you’re a lucky pair of tweezers, you don’t have to go through that alone. If you’re unlucky enough to be sent away to your new home by Target’s Stupid Shipping Gang, you’re Consumerist reader Nix’s sad, lonely tweezers.

She sent in the evidence of this bereft personal care item, adding that the only other thing in the box were a few lousy plastic air pouches. And if you’ve ever had to hang out in a box with air pouches, you know they make for awful conversation.

“The other items (three pairs of sweater tights and a pair of rubber rain boots) were sent in one of those plastic mailer bags through UPS,” explains Nix. “This came by itself. In a giant box. All alone. Poor sad tweezers.”

We hope you tell those tweezers every day that what they went through meant something, and that they’ll never be alone again. Never.

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Liberate del miedo a hablar en público #infografia #infographic #education

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There Are Easier Ways To Get A Banana Than Crashing Your Car Into A Gas Station

Brazen. Reckless. Pretty much a waste of time. You can use any of those words to describe a theft that seems so utterly pointless that you’ve got to wonder why anyone went to the effort to pull it off. Because buying a banana for what, a quarter? That’s a lot easier than ramming a gas station with your car to steal one.

Police in Newington, Conn. are on the lookout for the alleged banana bandit who apparently had such a jones for the fruit that he took drastic measures to get what he craved, reports WCHS-6. And then he just split.

Cops showed up at the gas station in the wee hours of the morning upon a report of an active burglary alarm, and found the entry doors had taken quite a beating.

After watching the surveillance video, police saw the suspect pull up in a station wagon and repeatedly back into the doors until he smashed an opening in the glass. He then walked into the store, unmasked and apparently making no effort to hide his identity, grabbed a banana from shelf, and went to town.

After peeling and eating the object of his desire, he simply walked out of the store in the same vehicle he used as a battering ram.

Here’s a hint: Stores will sell you bananas and you don’t even have to subject your personal property to damage or wreck a gas station in the process. I know, crazy!

Man rams car into gas station; steals banana then leaves [WCHS-6 News]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

You Could Control Your Oven With Your Smartphone. Should You Want To?

brillonLet’s say that you bought a GE wall oven recently. It’s all right, but something is missing from your life. You couldn’t quite articulate what it is, but a recent announcement from GE clarified things. What you needed was the ability to control your oven from anywhere using your smartphone. The good news is that you can fix this grave error on your part after the fact.

What’s new is that you can fix this grave error on your part after the fact. Yes, smart ovens are a thing now, and ovens that you can turn on and monitor from anywhere are also a thing.

Controlling your oven and other appliances from elsewhere seems like it could go horribly wrong, but GE is expanding the feature instead of rolling it back. Ovens could once only be controlled by smartphone from a home’s wi-fi network: at best, you might be able to preheat from your neighbor’s house. Some GE ovens that weren’t remote-controllable smart appliances right out of the box can gain that superpower if you download the company’s Brillion app.

Personally, I’m waiting for heatproof webcams so I can watch and live-broadcast the progress of my cupcakes.

GE app lets you add new features to an old oven [Consumer Reports]

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Delta’s Overhauls Prove That Charging Phones, Bathroom Comfort Are Equally Important

When you imagine the often trying experience of air travel, what are the things that make you happiest? A bathroom that doesn’t feel like the walls are closing in on you? A free power outlet to juice up your electronic connection to the outside world? Or maybe the satisfaction that comes with knowing there’s overhead bin space waiting for you, all for you… Ahem. Anyway Delta is overhauling some of its planes with all those things in mind.

Delta announced yesterday that it’s got plans to shell out $770 million through 2016 to remodel the interiors of 225 narrow-body planes, usually the kind that make short-haul domestic flights, reports the Chicago Tribune.

That includes seats with power outlets, bigger bathrooms and overhead bins (with up to 60% more room) and in some cases, more economy seats. Which yes, probably means less leg room. But hey, you can still play that one game on your phone without worrying about battery drain!

Delta is also installing “slim-line eats” in its economy sections, something other airlines have been doing as well, that have thinner seatback cushions and are lighter.

“We’re continuing to make smart long-term investments in our products and services to meet the expectations of our customers,” said Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer.

Delta to add seats with outlets and bigger overhead bins on 225 planes [Chicago Tribune]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Of Course The New Thing In Colorado Is Pairing Food With Marijuana

One of the trendiest things you can do to a food is to pair it with something else. Got some delicious, sea salt caramel chocolates? Here’s a beer to go with that. Love cheese? Here’s the wine you absolutely must drink with it, darling. And so it follows that now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, someone had to be the first to pair it with a food. In this case, it’s sushi.

While you might usually think of pairing pot with say, a bag of chips and some kind of neon drink at 2 a.m., a Colorado sushi restaurant is rolling with its new form of high dining as the best weed/food combo. Puns!

In order to enhance diners’ dining experiences, the marijuana culinary powers that be have been sorting out how to best accomplish that. The same restaurant — with chains in Boulder and Denver — sent out flyers encouraging smokers to satisfy their munchies in 2009, reports

Now there’s a full-on pairing menu for partaking and then eating, including:

Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush

Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG

Katsu Curry with Blue Dream

Everything is arranged for smokers’ comfort as well, with a dining room “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia” in case you get freaked out by all the people eating fish around you. Or like, if the fish start talking. That would just be weird.

High Class Dining: Colorado Restaurant Introduces Weed-and-Food Pairing Menu []

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Huy Fong Sriracha Shipments Will Resume This Month

Remember how a judge shut down part of the factory near Los Angeles that makes the fab hot sauce sriracha? Spicy food lovers freaked out over the possibility that they might have to check more than one store or buy a different brand of sauce. The nightmare is now over: huy Fong is resuming shipments.

Did the monthlong shutdown determine that the smell from the factory was not, in fact, making the residents of Irwindale, California ill? No, not yet. The part of the factory that produced the eye-burning chili stench was shut down in order to determine whether it was making nearby citizens ill, but under a normal production schedule, the company only processes their chilis for the year from October to December. That period is over, so life and sauce continue at Huy Fong.

There are other manufacturers of the sauce, and stockpiles available online for the truly brand-loyal and desperate. Trend forecasters say that thanks to Subway, sriracha will be metaphorically hotter than ever in 2014, so look forward to more fast-food promotions and flavored products.

Sriracha Heating Up 2014 Just in Time for Polar Vortex [ABC News] (via Foodbeast)

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

USDA Shuts Down Chicken Processing Plant Because Gross, Cockroach Infestation

When you hear about a big salmonella outbreak that’s sickened hundreds, you know there’s got to be a problem somewhere along the supply chain. But hearing the words “cockroach” and “infestation” linked to a chicken processing plant is just so… real. And gross. Which is why the U.S. Department of Agriculture has shut down a plant in California, saying live cockroaches running around at such a place are not good for public health.

The Foster Farms poultry processing plant has a bit of a bug problem, reports NBC News, which is especially troubling (okay, but it’s always troubling, let’s be clear) in light of two recent outbreaks of salmonella food poisoning in the last year. One of those is still ongoing.

“Today our inspectors observed insanitary conditions in the plant,” said Adam Tarr, a spokesman for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Officials aren’t revealing if they fell into a pit of live cockroaches or if just a few are running around the place, and they’re not saying where in the facility the buggers were. But in the USDA’s letter to Foster it says cockroaches were spotted near a hand wash sink at an inspection station.

USDA inspectors were then taken off the job at the plant, which can’t run without them there.

Foster confirmed the shutdown in a statement on its site, saying things are stopped for the moment to “to allow for enhanced sanitizing to take place.” Perhaps someone is making a run on the roach motel aisle?

“This is an isolated incident; no other facilities are affected,” the company’s latest statement reads. “Today’s treatment is expected to fully resolve this incident. No products are affected. Product production has been transferred to the company’s other facilities.”

It’s not just that cockroaches are creepy, crawly and the last thing you want to see scurrying around food. They also carry bacteria, which includes salmonella. The USDA clarified, however, that the recent cockroach shutdown isn’t related to the ongoing outbreak.

USDA shutters Foster Farms poultry plant over cockroaches [NBC News]

by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Evolución de logos del mundo del retail #infografia #infographic #design #marketeing

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