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Comcast One Step Closer To Slapping Its Logo On Top Of 30 Rock

Our resident artist's rendition of what Comcast will do to the Prometheus Fountain at Rock Center (photo: Michael Colwell)

Our resident artist’s rendition of what Comcast will do to the Prometheus Fountain at Rock Center (photo: Michael Colwell)

Comcast may have its global HQ inside the world’s tallest thumb drive here in Philadelphia — and it’s even building a huge middle finger right next door to reaffirm that Philly is Kabletown USA — but the real real-estate cherry in its portfolio has yet to be adorned with the Comcast logo: 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC.

The top of the landmark midtown Manhattan tower, home to NBC’s New York operations, still carries the GE logos that have been there for more than a quarter of a century.

But last night, a borough advisory board signed off on taking down the GEs and replacing them with the combo Comcast/peacock logo that Kabletown now uses. One consideration for those who might object to the new signs — the NBC peacock will not be in color, but will be a white outline of the famous bird-ish shape.

The switch still requires the approval of the city preservation commission, who will vote on the proposal next Tuesday.

by Chris Morran via Consumerist

T-Mobile Rep Encourages Me To Keep Dead Dad’s Mobile Line Open To Hear His Voice

It can be incredibly painful to realize that you can barely remember what the voice of a dead loved one sounded like. However, we’re not sure that we accept the proposed solution of one T-Mobile customer service rep. Reader Robert says that he was asked whether he wants to keep his dead father’s line open so he can call up his voice mail periodically.

Fortunately, we’ve learned that this is not an approved retention tactic at T-Mobile, and the company made things up to Richard. However, we’re appalled that this happened in the first place, and bereaved family members should be aware that slimy sales reps might try this.

Keeping the line open isn’t necessarily a bad or distasteful thing to do. You could keep the phone around and charged so you can intercept your loved one’s calls and texts and tell them the bad news.

Robert had a line for his dad on his account, and called up T-Mobile to cancel. “The loyalty rep asked me if he had a voicemail set up,” Richard wrote to Consumerist. “I said yes. She then asked if I wouldn’t want to keep the extra line open so that I could call it and hear his voice whenever I want to. How low is that?”

Pretty low, but we’ve heard of similar tactics in the past. Fortunately, when we alerted T-Mobile to this incident, they found it upsetting too. Robert sent us an update shortly after Big Magenta contacted him. After we sent his letter to T-Mobile’s media relations team, someone from the office of the president called him. “She apologized for how their salesperson tried to keep my line open,” Robert told Consumerist. “She said that it’s not how they train their people, and the rep would be re-trained.”

As an apology, the company is waiving his entire bill for this month, a total of $147. Very classy, T-Mobile!

by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Modelos de eLearning en el mundo empresarial #infografia #infographic #education


Una infografía con Modelos de eLearning en el mundo empresarial. Vía

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Modelos de eLearning en el mundo empresarial

Modelos de eLearning en el mundo empresarial

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Datos muy interesantes sobre comercio electrónico #infografia #infographic #ecommerce


Una infografía con datos muy interesantes sobre comercio electrónico.

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 Data Driven Ecommerce - Infographic

Data Driven Ecommerce – Infographic [Infographic] by the team at AmeriCommerce

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Algunos coches de series de televisión #infografia #infographic


una infografía con algunos coches de series de televisión.

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Personajes junto a su coche en la serie y precio de ocasión

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Cómo crear una campaña de remarketing con Facebook #socialmedia #marketing


Una presentación sobre Cómo crear una campaña de remarketing con Facebook.

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Snooping Sites, Aimless Ads, Sexist Stereotypes: A Look Back At The Week In Tech News

It’s a big, busy world, and even with a smartphone in your pocket at all times it’s hard to read everything written about it in a week. Sometimes, useful info slips through the cracks. So, here are five interesting stories from the world of internet and technology news.

1.) Does internet advertising even work? Facebook is selling even more of its users’ data to advertisers — and in a sense, none of us are surprised. Advertising is pervasive on the web; the internet is basically made of advertising and at this point we are, collectively, used to it. So it must work, right?

Well, actually, maybe not so much, as The Atlantic points out. And if it does work at all, we still don’t know how.

2.) Online Privacy. Ha! Just kidding, you don’t have any. Or at least, nominally you do, but online tracking is getting creepier, writes Pro Publica, and the marriage of data collected offline with data collected online is creating a massive web of information that no consumer can escape.

3.) Comcast and the competition get snippy. A large group of technology companies — including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Sprint — wrote to regulators Monday encouraging them to block the Comcast/TWC merger. Comcast fired back claiming that “the size of the deal is not unprecedented” and that the merger wouldn’t substantially change its market share. Which seems… unlikely.

4.) Internet surveillance isn’t that hard — and tells you a lot about someone. The crew over at Ars Technica, in partnership with NPR, decided to learn just how much the NSA can tell about someone from their internet traffic.

The answer, as one might expect, is “lots.” And even most mainstream encryptions don’t make a users’s information that hard to access. “In the first two minutes of our test, we had already captured a snapshot of Henn’s recent online life—and the real surveillance hadn’t even begun.”

5.) Video games continue to have a gender problem. Ubisoft made a splash at E3 when they unveiled gameplay footage of their new Fall 2014 game Assassins Creed: Unity. The game allows up to four players to explore and stab their way through revolutionary-era Paris in a co-op mode together.

All of the multiplayer avatars are male, which players would be willing to accept but for two things. One, the fact that Ubisoft has, in the past, represented female characters well in the Assassins Creed series. And two: the incredibly ham-fisted way an employee of the company announced that women were deprioritized because they were too much work.

A former Ubisoft employee refuted the claim, game developers from other studios weighed in, and critics took a long look at how the cycle of women in games being “too much work” perpetuates itself.

by Kate Cox via Consumerist

El vídeo online gratis sigue en cabeza #infografia #infographic #socialmedia


Una infografía que dice que El vídeo online gratis sigue en cabeza.

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Infographic: People Still Prefer Watching Free Videos Online | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

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